Webster Vienna Training Scholarship FAQ

The Webster Vienna Training Scholarship (WVTS) aims to give all students the opportunity to gain valuable skills outside of the classroom. These training opportunities are available to all students, and recipients are chosen through a transparent process. Any student is able to apply for a WVTS during Open Calls for Applications. Please review the revised Terms and Conditions before applying for a WVTS.

The Office of the Director welcomes feedback from the Webster community. Please submit feedback with your comments, questions, or concerns here.



Do I qualify for a WVTS?

Any student enrolled in classes during the term for which he/she applies for a WVTS qualify.

My GPA is below the previous threshold for the WVTS program (3.0 GPA). Can I now get a WVTS?

Yes. You may now qualify to receive a WVTS. Each supervisor sets the qualifications necessary for each project; some may have GPA requirements. Some scholarships may require you to have previous knowledge necessary for the training opportunity.

I have other scholarships. Can I also get a WVTS?

Yes, but only if the total amount of scholarships does not equal more than 100% of your tuition costs for a specific term. Receiving other scholarships and/or grants does not exclude the student's chances to receive a WVTS.

For example, Student Z is taking only one 3-credit course in the Summer 2018 term. Student Z receives a 5% Webster Vienna Scholarship and has applied for a 100% WVTS in the Summer 2018 term. Student Z was chosen to receive a 100% WVTS, but his/her WVTS contract will only state less than or equal to 95%.

I already had a WVTS in the past. Can I still get a WVTS for the next term?

Yes, but students can receive up to five (5) full 3-credit courses remitted by WVTS throughout their program of study. In other words, students can receive a total of five 100% WVTS scholarships or equivalent throughout their program of study.This requirement will only be measured from the Summer 2018 term onwards; any WVTS awarded prior to this term will not be counted against any student.

Students are also only allowed to have a total of four WVTS in one department, regardless of the scholarship amount. This is to encourage students to acquire different skills and learn about the different aspects of the university.

I am a double major. Do I qualify for twice as many WVTS?


I studied at WVPU for my Bachelor’s degree and received the maximum amount of WVTS. I’m now studying for my Master’s degree at WVPU, but I haven’t received any WVTS while in my Master’s program. Do I qualify for a WVTS?

Yes. Students are only limited to five (5) 100% WVTS scholarships or equivalent throughout their program of study; if a student graduates and begins a new program of study at WVPU, he/she is able to receive five (5) 100% WVTS scholarships or equivalent throughout his/her new program of study.

However, please keep in mind that students who are working towards their second degree at WVPU also qualify for the WVPU Second Degree Grant, which waives tuition fees for the final class of their second program of study. Please see this for more information.

I want to have more than one WVTS at the same time. Is this possible?

Yes. However, this program is meant to give as many students as possible the opportunity to acquire skills in a productive and supportive training environment. Therefore, we encourage students to take only one WVTS at a time so that they can focus on their assigned projects.

I’m in dire financial need. Can the WVTS program help me?

While the WVTS program does provide scholarships to students, the program itself is intended to train students in skills they may not be able to acquire in the classroom and to assist departments reach their short-term project milestones. The program does not provide long-term financial assistance.