At Webster Vienna, Every Deserving Student is a Scholarship Candidate

When considering a top choice of university, your dreams should never be placed on hold by the limitations of tuition costs. At Webster Vienna Private University, we strive to financially enable our students as much as we can, so that their main focus while attending university is on themselves and their academic growth. 

WVPU emphasizes that scholarships are immensely powerful tools, impacting students’ academic and potential career paths. Our scholarships cover a gamut of options for applicants, such as the direct Webster Vienna scholarship program, and the engagement of diverse stakeholders, such as Borealis with its Social Scholarship Program. Through the Borealis’ sponsorship, Webster Vienna continues to be able to award an almost full-tuition scholarship to one deserving new undergraduate student, as well as significant merit scholarships to two outstanding first-year students each year.

Webster Vienna encourages all incoming undergraduate (Bachelor) and graduate (Master) students with academic achievement and proven financial need to apply for a Webster Vienna Scholarship. These scholarship awards are based not only on merit but also more importantly, on financial need. Awarded annually, Webster Vienna scholarships are given only to full-time students.

“Although competition is fierce, the awards are worth it: between €10,000 and € 20,000 for Bachelor’s programs, prorated for four years and €5,000 and € 10,000 for Master’s programs, prorated for two years. This is fantastic motivation, apart from great Webster Vienna program offerings,” said Nóra Győrfi, Scholarship Coordinator at Webster Vienna.

Prospective students apply for the scholarship before beginning their studies. The scholarship evaluation committee aims to award as many students as realistically possible – at least ten new students per academic year. Being that each individual application is reviewed with great thought to how much impact our students can make, there are no limits to the number of recipients on some occasions; as was the case in 2019-2020 when 16 students in total received this form of scholarship.

“By easing the financial burden of tuition, especially for students from less advantaged financial backgrounds, it aims to motivate and reward Webster Vienna’s top academic achievers while at the same time enabling them to concentrate fully on their studies,” added Győrfi.

There is never enough good news - Webster Vienna offers a so-called Training Scholarship - an opportunity for students to gain professional experience and work on research projects while provided a discount to their tuition fees. Students receive a deduction of EUR 1,935 - 4,590/semester depending on the workload required and their study program. “Although granted only for a semester, most students reapplied and receive it for several semesters. For example, in 2019-2020, we had 51 training scholarship positions, distributed between 33 students,” said Győrfi.

Another benefit for Webster Vienna students is the Second-Degree grant, which recognizes loyalty by awarding a grant to students who previously completed a degree at Webster University. In 2019-2020 six students received the second-degree grant and had the tuition fee waived for the last class of their second degree before graduation.

Webster Vienna also awards grants to family members of current Webster students and Webster alumni via the so-called Legacy Grant. In 2019-2020 30 students received 5-10% tuition deduction with the Legacy Grant, in total €53,000 was awarded to our students.