A Strategic View of Communication

Bradley E Wiggins, Ph.D. has been an associate professor and department head of Media Communications at Webster Vienna Private University - as a Head of Media Communication department, Wiggins encourages prospective students to apply for a new Webster Vienna program Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communication, the only one of its kind in Austria. The degree program emphasizes workforce readiness skills necessary for leadership positions in global settings within advertising, public relations, corporate communications, and more. 

To talk of strategy is to imply dynamic planning, long-term orientation to time, precision when guiding a communication policy, and careful yet critical thinking to ensure that theory, research, and application merge successfully. 

A policy, promotion, or campaign that is based on strategic communication is one defined with an understanding of how persuasion, rhetoric, ethics, and writing for specific and also general audiences can be used tactically as part of a larger strategy. 

A strategic view of communication means a purposeful use of communications media to fulfill an organization’s mission (whether large corporate or political organizations or more community-based grassroots entities). 

Students graduating from Webster Vienna Private University’s program in Strategic Communication will gain multimodal literacies required for the successful navigation of a professional career in various such as, among others, international affairs, corporate communication, public relations, crisis management, promotional campaigns, and more.