Leadership Spotlight Highlights: Women in The Business Sector

Know what you want, and go for it. IBM Austria’s CEO Patricia Neumann highlighted her ambitious path to success during a recent Leadership Spotlight Lecture, hosted by Webster Vienna Private University and Business program Adj. Prof. Dr. Andrea Gaal. Neumann spoke about her journey and gave an overview of her career, including her top tips on succeeding in the tech sector. 

Among her biggest career outlooks, Neumann prioritized fostering female partnerships in the workplace setting and the power of leveraging your strengths in order to get to where you want to be in your career. The talk was part of a series of Leadership Spotlights in Professor Gaal’s ‘Women in Management’ course,  “After an exciting semester in this class, I felt it was key to focus not only on theory and current research results but also to invite female role models who were able to talk about their specific career journeys and provide valuable insights based upon real-world business experiences. This made the theoretical discussions, presentations, and business case analyses come alive. Our students were able to ask relevant questions supporting them as they launch their own careers in an increasingly complex world.”

In addition to the insightful discussion with IBM Austria’s CEO, students enjoyed a session with Lydia Goutas of Lehner Executive Partners, on The Art of Re-Inventing Yourself in Your Career. Goutas gave an overview of her personal career journey, keys to success in the post-COVID- 19 economy and why re-inventing yourself is a key ingredient to long-term success in the world of business. 

As for IBM, Neumann spoke about why she chose the tech giant: the pursuit of progress, application of intelligence, reason, and science in the process of improving business, society, and the human condition, all-important in aligning with her personal values. In her day to day, Neumann supports clients in their digital journey, supports government relations (representing IBM in the Austrian market), and mentors a full team, including in the ever-changing, current pandemic that affected the landscape. 

During the online presentation, Neumann highlighted her top criteria for success, among them: be open and flexible, eager to learn, and network. Most of all, know what you want in your career and for your company and pursue it. Professor Gaal added, “I do hope we could contribute to providing students with the right tools to be successful as they leave Webster Vienna Private University.”  The live presentations were attended by staff, faculty, and students in the Business Management department.

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