Webster Vienna’s Bachelor's Programs - Designed to Elevate the Student Experience

With no way to predict the future, with advances in artificial intelligence and the challenge of rapidly changing labor market requirements, the fear that one’s job can easily be replaced or rendered obsolete is certainly justified. 

Is pursuing a bachelor’s degree still a wise decision given a significant commitment? Recent research still supports this argument and shows that bachelor’s degree graduates still have an economic advantage over those who do not[1].  What is more daunting is finding the right program and school. Do you go for the cheapest program and just hope that any bachelor’s degree on your CV will be enough? Or should you prioritize the quality of the learning experience and the academic content and curriculum?

By Deidree R. Diño, MSc, PGCM, Head of Admissions

At Webster Vienna Private University (WVPU), bachelor’s degree programs are designed and constantly improved to make sure those who do the work are fully prepared for the demands and expectations of their future employers. 

Each of our students is not just a number in a room full of dozens of nameless individuals – everyone has a unique story to tell and the potential to succeed in their own way. Our small class sizes easily allow students to ask follow-up questions regarding complicated topics; our experienced professors and instructors always encourage this as well as critical thinking, open discussions, and constructive arguments both for and against old and new theories while analyzing case studies based on challenges, issues, and changes in real organizations. 

Content matters, not just in-depth but in breadth as well. In many universities, students typically run the risk of becoming too specialized in one area of expertise, which can result in very limited employment opportunities even after they successfully graduate. WVPU recognizes the need to understand more than just one area of knowledge. This is exemplified by thorough curriculum planning, the inclusion of research foundational methods classes, and degree roadmaps designed to help students follow a recommended sequence of courses.

One fine example of the above is WVPU’s new Strategic Communication BA program, which starts in August 2020. While one would expect a long list of communication, media, and public relations courses to make up most of the core content, the recommended electives include classes in political theory, culture, diversity, and marketing to help students understand anything and everything that can influence or contribute to effective communication in different contexts, environments, directed towards different target audiences and with different objectives.

WVPU’s American-style bachelor’s degree programs are also accredited in Austria and by extension, the European Higher Education Area. WVPU designed these to include research as a learning requirement and to provide opportunities to test classical and new theories against rapidly evolving practices in the real world. 

If you decide to pursue a bachelor’s degree and also understand the benefit of a quality learning experience, consider WVPU and let us help you start your educational journey with a Webster’s Vienna bachelor’s degree in Business and Management, International Relations, Strategic Communication, or Psychology

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